• Do i need to be subscribe to any sat or cable provider?

    You don't need to be subscribe to any Tv provider. You just need internet.

  • How long do it take to get the account details?

    Instantly, right after your payment. The code will be printed on the page and a copy will be sent to your email address. Please check your spam/junk folder.

  • Do channels are different on each plans?

    No, Channels are the same for every account.

  • I want to try it before. How can I get a trail?

    You can get a 2 days trail account when you subscribe you will be charged. The reason why we charge on trails is to prevent trails abuse.

  • How many device can I use on my account?

    You can only use on one device. But you can always get more for your other devices.

  • How is the fastest way to comunicate with you ?

    If you hurry to get support or get answered to your question you can message us on Facebook.

  • After 12 Hours contact support I have get response. What next ?

    If you don't get response from us you can message us on facebook. Some Server email may fail to deliver.

  • How fast my internet should be?

    We recommend at least 5M of internet.

  • Do I need to buy a device to play streams?

    You don't need to buy any special device. You can watch stream from your PC, Smart tv or even your phone.

  • What software do I need?

    There is a lot of software able to play online stream m3u8 format but we recommend Kodi.

  • How do I configure Kodi to play the streams

    Check out this guide.


  • Whats option of payments do you accept?

    We only accept card payment.

  • What's recurring payment mean ?

    It's mean you will be charged automatic montly,quarter or yearly depending on the plan you have select.

  • I want to cancel recurring payment on my accout. How I do it?

    You can cancel the recurring payment at any time here. You will need to enter your account id and token.

  • Canceling the recurring payment will stop my account ?

    No, it will stop automatic charge on your card but your account will not be renew for next billing cycle.

  • I have cancel my recurring payment. Can I renew it ?

    Yes, you can renew you account at anytime here. A new recurring payment will be add to you account.